Are You Selling Your Home?

Are You An Agent Looking To Make More Sales?

Be 100% Honest And ASK Yourself This Question: “Which of these photos most resembles your CURRENT HOME PHOTOS ??”

2502 E Hill View Drive – The home with the photo above was listed 211 Days – IT NEVER SOLD!!

This is the Same House Above BUT WITH Professional Photos – The Home SOLD in 33 Days!

Fact: Your house or listing is judged by its cover, literally!

Gone are the days of drive-bys, classified ads, and planned Sunday open house tours. Home buyers today search online for houses first!

Bottom Line: If your home doesn’t STAND OUT and CAPTIVATE online, then you are losing buyers!

Maybe even 5 years ago you could have used cell phone photos, but NOT in today’s world.

If you do not have professional photos online, then you are bringing a stick to a gun fight.

The MOST IMPORTANT STEP to marketing your home is getting Professional Photos

But How Do You Know Which Photographer to To Choose?

There are several KEY qualities you should look for in your photographer.

Clear Communication

Your photographer should always respond in a prompt and timely matter when you call, text, or email. They also should be clear in the price and services offered!

My prices and services are crystal clear. If you contact me, I am going to respond.

Fast Editing & Delivery

If you are selling your home, quick turn around is critical. You cannot be waiting days or weeks for your photos.

I aim for a 24-hour turn around time, from shoot to edit to digital delivery.

Reasonable Rates

Don’t be fooled by over-priced photographers. Higher price doesn’t mean higher quality. But the opposite is also true. Are the quoted rates so low that they are too good to be true? Well, you will get what you pay for in those instances.

Look, prices are everywhere when it comes to photographers, but I know for a fact that mine are reasonable. I’ve even had other photographers complain that they are too low! You will be blown away by the quality of work & service that I provide for the prices listed. Keep reading and when you see my price charts, I think you will agree.

Professional Gear & Equipment

Typically, professionals are not using Cannon Rebels that were given to them at Christmas. Make sure your photographer has higher-end equipment, multiple lenses, portable lighting, and a high quality drone.

I have all of this equipment and more to give you those awe-inspiring shots!

Professional Software Experience

Make sure your photographer has the latest editing software, such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. However, having the software is not enough. The EXPERIENCE of using the software is what matters most.

I have hours upon hours of editing experience that will make your photos dazzle.

For Drone Photos – An FAA Remote Pilot License

Looking for drone photos? Make the drone operator show his/her FAA license. If they are operating without a license, they are operating against FAA regulations. Worse still, they may not know the rules and regulations of operating a drone. This puts you and your property at risk of injury or damage!

I spent the time studying the Remote Pilot Guidelines, took the FAA test, passed with flying colors on the 1st try, and have my license on hand.

Respect, Professionalism, & Safety For Clients & Their Homes

Some photographers may be great photographers and good people, but not everyone has common business sense, respect, professionalism or concern for safety for their clients.

Respect, Professionalism, and a concern for Safety I believe are extremely important. You will see that in how I dress, talk and handle our business transaction together.

These principles are all core components to my business.

Even if you don’t choose me as your photographer, I urge you to PLEASE make sure whomever photographs your house has these qualities.

There is One More Important Factor When Deciding Who Should Be Your Photographer.

That is the PORTFOLIO

I am amazed at how many photographers have very simple sites with 1-2 photos detailing their work. How are you to judge their qualifications with such a low sample quantity??

If a photographer doesn’t have a portfolio online with more than a couple of photos, then don’t walk, RUN!!

Below, you can view a portfolio of several complete photo shoots. These are not just 1-2 photographs that I have cherry picked to be my best but the entire shoot.

Earls Way

Dug Gap Rd Commercial Property

Hill View Dr

At this point, you know that high quality photos are going to sell your home quicker.

You know what core principles I strive for in my business, and you’ve seen the quality of my work.

Now, Let’s talk about Pricing….

I’m going to keep it simple. I could charge MUCH more for my work.

In fact, most of my peers charge MORE than I do.

Some of them have even sent me messages talking about how I am UNDERCHARGING and it’s hurting Real Estate Photographers in our area.

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to my pricing.

My goals are reasonable prices that are affordable and delivering HIGH quality photographs that will get your home SOLD!!

After you are finished reviewing my prices, I encourage to click the Book Now button.

There is no charge or cost to book an appointment or consultation with me.

Once your appointment is made, I will call you to introduce myself and answer any questions you may have about my services.

Before we get to the pricing charts, there is one special note for Real Estate Agents below that will really perk your interest!!

If You Are A Real Estate Agent, Then You Are Going To Love My $0 Out-of-Pocket, NO RISK, Pay-At-Closing Option!
AGENTS ONLY: Since I’m a licensed agent, this gives you more options. Instead of paying at the time of service, you can choose my pay-at-closing plan. The pay-at-closing plan works by paying a referral fee to RE/MAX Select Realty ONLY if the home sells. If the listing expires or is withdrawn, you pay nothing!

With all of that said, my pricing charts are below!!

Real Estate Exterior/Interior Photos Pricing Chart *

Square FootageTime of Service PriceReal Estate Agents Pay By Referral Program **
0-1500$90 10% Referral Capped at $1,000 Max
1500-2500$100 10% Referral Capped at $1,000 Max
3500-4500$125 10% Referral Capped at $1,000 Max
Over 4500Call For QuoteCall For Quote

(*Does Not Include Drone Photos, Virtual Tours, or Videography)

Aerial / Drone Pricing Chart

Drone PackagesTime of Service PriceReal Estate Agents Pay By Referral Program **
$12510% Referral Capped at $1,000 Max
$19515% Referral Capped at $1,000 Max

Real Estate Exterior/Interior Photos & Aerial Combo Packages

Combo PackagesTime of
Service Price
Real Estate Agent’s Pay By Referral Program**
Standard Package
50+ Photos
4-10 Drone


15% Referral Capped at $1,000 Max
Max Package
50+ Photos
10-20 Drone


15% Referral Capped at $1,000 Max


After everything I’ve talked about so far and with the prices above, you should feel excited. But there are still more reasons to choose me as your photographer.

I’m going to make you a PROMISE & GUARANTEE

In fact, to my knowledge there is no other photographer in our area that makes this statement and promise to you.

If you decide even after I took all the photographs, you reviewed & accepted the proofs, you made your payment, and you received delivery of the final high resolution photos…….

If there is for ABSOLUTELY ANY REASON AT ALL you are unhappy…..

My promise to you is this……

I will give you a 100% No Questions Asked Refund

As long as the photos are removed from any advertising and marketing for the home.

This makes the use of my services 100% completely RISK FREE

If you are unhappy, unsatisfied, or disapprove of my work from start to finish, then your money is not at risk with me.

That is how strongly I believe in providing quality service and how serious I take my commitment to go above and beyond for all my clients.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It, See What Others Say About Working With Me.

Shane goes above and beyond for his clients. He has been prompt to all of my client’s appointments and delivers stunning work. For all of your Real Estate Photography and Drone needs, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

– Andrea Azzouz

RE/MAX Select Realty

And she is not the only one. I have TONS of quotes and testimonials like hers.

If you need more references or testimonials, just ask!

I hope that by now your ready to take the next step and Book Your Appointment or call me at 706-250-4515 to set up a free consultation. But I’m still going to make one last special offer for you.

This is for NEW CLIENTS only….

If you are a NEW client, I will discount 15% off the price from any of the services above.

That is an INCREDIBLE VALUE. If you don’t believe me, do your research.

15% off puts my rates below 99% of other Real Estate Photographers in our area.

Right now I can keep that offer open. But as my business grows and I develop more repeat clients, I will probably take it down. If it is still up and on my website right now, then it is active and valid.

That’s it. Please don’t wait any longer. If you are selling your home, you are LOSING buyers the longer you wait.

Let’s Do This! Go Ahead and Right NOW! Book an appointment with me online or call me 706-250-4515.

Thank you, and I forward to photographing your home soon.


P.S. I can also provide drone photos for roof damages, agricultural fields, and other aerial imagery uses other than real estate.

P.P.S. If your still reading, don’t wait any longer. It’s time to act now. Contact me and let me help you make your home stand out HEAD and SHOULDERS above your competition. Book Online or call me today 706-250-4515.

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